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week of August 19-26

Stock up on THE CHARTS, Y-Life's weekly ration of Web must-see sites. On your left you'll see -- the week's best from sites that pick what's hot and cool. Down to your right we've got Desert Island Lists -- fast, fun collections of curious links. Enjoy!

be cool just yet, but this list is: the week's best from all over.
Mars: life signs?--A CNN Special (courtesy of AOL's What's Hot This Week)
Strangely enough, this month signals not only the 30th anniversary of the television premiere of Star Trek and its creator Gene Roddenberry's birthday, it is also the culmination a 30-month study unveiling the first plausible evidence of life on Mars. CNN offers in-depth coverage, links and multimedia fun in its special coverage of this monumental event.
Scuba (courtesy of MSN's Pick of the Week)
The beautiful scuba-themed wallpaper for your computer is almost reason enough to visit this online interactive magazine. With virtual dives, a shark quiz, travel and training info, interactive fiction, and more, this site is a fun, educational way to get your feet wet in the world of scuba diving.
Liszt (courtesy of Yahoo's Weekly Picks)
Into "Phish"? or perhaps "Pizza"? Whatever your fancy, you can find someone to discuss it with at this mailing list directory site. With searchable information on over 56,226 listserv, listproc, majordomo and independently managed mailing lists, you'll be sure to find at least a few that interest you.
Net Guide Live (courtesy of Bob's Kool Link)
That big star you love is online chatting right now at such-and-such a place, but you don't even know it. Don't get mad, just visit Net Guide Live. They help you figure out what is happening on the web now, and for the next couple of days, so you don't have to miss a thing.
Shoppers Advantage (courtesy of Weekly Web Scan)
Don't believe you can find great deals on the Web? You will when you check out this shopping site. With over 1700 brands and 250,000 products, you're sure to find something you need or want. Looking for a bargain? Search their Best Buys area. Members get more of a discount, but you don't have to be one to buy something.

Have any energy left? Try these out:

Desert Island Lists
(from sea to shining sea)

On The Midway: The Internet State Fair

Hare Trigger: Four Sites To Combat The Latest Computer Critter The Hare virus, aka HDEuthanasia or Krsna, is due to "detonate" on August 22. It's rare, but it's fairly catastrophic. Just in case, check your computer.

Emmy Watch #3: Lead Actress Nominees (Drama Series) The Emmys will be broadcast on September 8th.

Extreeeemely Specialized Sites, Vol. 10 (New York edition)

Do you have a Desert Island List we ought to know about? Send us a message at Tell us the title, the URLs, and the names of the pages you've got in mind (4-10 choices is about right). Suggestions from cities not New York -- we hear they're out there -- are very welcome.


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